We are including links to key sermons that we encourage you to listen to to strengthen your walk with Christ. Listen, study these passages, and talk to other believers about what you have learned and how you have been challenged.

Rich gospel messages

We need to constantly be reminded of the glorious truth of the gospel. It’s message is for us to live in and treasure daily–not just at conversion. The reality of living IN the gospel WILL transform our lives.

3 Degrees of Separation–Greg Pinkner, Romans 3:21-26
The Gospel of First Importance–Greg Pinkner, Ephesians 2:1-10

Growing in your Faith

These are excellent sermons to help those just starting in their walk with Christ and to remind those who have been walking with Him of the committment and grace of the journey. These include good practical steps and good theology.

Examining 2 Enemies of the Gospel–Mark Driscoll

Faith and Works–Mark Driscoll

The Gospel and Idolatry–Tim Keller    One of the most important messages we can hear! (Scroll to bottom of page and the sermon is on Acts 19:21-41)

Grace–Mark Driscoll
Singleness–but a message for EVERYONE who follows Christ–John Piper

Pray Like Jesus–Mark Driscoll


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