Scripture Memory

Scripture Memorization

Why is memorizing scripture important?

1.  God commands us to hide it in our heart in His word. (Psalm 119:11; Philippians 4;8)

2.  We will know God more through knowing His character and heart as displayed in His word.

3.  We will renew our mind and understand what God wants us to do by having His word and guidance within us.  (Romans 12:1-2)

4.  What goes into our hearts and minds comes out in our actions.  Truth stored up will come out and bring fruit!

5.  We are made more like Christ in our character through knowing His word.  (John 17:17)

6.  It will help us when we are faced with temptation.  When Jesus was tempted by the devil, he responded with the truth of God’s word he stored in his heart.  (Matthew 4)

7.  Through knowing His word, we are able to pray His word to know God more.

God’s word is a mirror to hold up to us for the Holy Spirit to grow us and work in us.  Through it, we are convicted of sin and reminded of the gospel of grace. God’s word is the means by which He communicates with us in this world.

There is such freedom in his word reminding us of his faithfulness.  There is a great freedom of being reminded of his purposes and how they are dramatically different from the world we live in and our flesh.  Time and time again, we see how our hearts are brought under His peace and His truth by studying and memorizing His word.

Psalm 119 is all about the beauty and worth and power of his word…His law…His statutes.

Read Psalm 119 and make a list of the attributes of God’s word and the attributes of God.  Make another list of how God’s word benefits those who follow it and know it.

  • Reviewing these lists, how important is knowing God’s word?
  • What role does God’s word play in your life?
  • After studying this scripture, what commitments do you need to make in your life in regards to God’s word?
  • How does God’s word help the one who follows it grow in God’s character?

God calls us to meditate on His word, memorize it, share it with others..literally have it become a part of us.  Jerry Bridges defines meditation as thinking on God’s word with the intent to obey it. Romans 12:1-2 calls us to renew our minds in him so that we might be able to tell what his will is and be changed by knowing it.

We are influenced by what we watch or what we listen to and think on.  We are always thinking and meditating in our hearts and minds.  What we think on affects what we do.  Have you ever watched a scary movie  or read a scary book that affected how you slept–or did not sleep?  How many songs do you know the words to that you have heard on the radio?  Do you remember and quote movie lines or lines from your favorite TV show?  Have you read a book or watched a movie that affected your mood?  There are a variety of ways that we learn information and each of the things we are exposed to affect us.  From looking at Psalm 119, we see that the exposure to and the knowing and understanding of God’s word will greatly affect us as followers and lovers of God.  Through the Bible, we are convicted of sin, learn more of the beauty and fullness of the gospel, learn to walk daily in righteousness, and learn to depend on Him more and more.  Let us work together to know God’s word more and more so that we may know and love Him more and more.

Where to begin?

Begin by memorizing gospel truths—the only basis for transformation.  We have to preach the gospel to ourselves daily to fully be reminded of our sin, the beauty of his grace, and how we need him.  If not, we begin to live defeated or depending on ourselves (Galatians 3:3).  If our lives are about worship (Romans 12:1-2), we must see the truth of why we worship!

Gospel truths throughout God’s word: Psalm 103:12, Isaiah 43:25, Isaiah 53:6, Romans 4:7-8, Romans 8:1, Psalm 130:3-4, Isaiah 1:18, Isaiah 38:17, Micah 7:19, Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 2:13-14, Hebrews 8:12, Hebrews 10:17-18

Many people are intimidated to memorize.  We are called to do it.  Ask for God’s help–He wants you to know His word and will help you.  Join together with others in order to encourage one another to memorize.  It is good to talk about the meaning of that scripture with others on the journey and then recite verses to one another.  Start small–memorize one verse at a time.  If you make an unattainable goal, you will be more overwhelmed and tempted to quit.  If you begin by memorizing one or two verses a month, you will grow!  Remember God’s grace.  This is not a way you are being accepted or proving your love to God–it is a way to love Him more by becoming more like Him.  Experiment with different methods to memorize–find out what works best for you.  Review.  Pray the scripture you have memorized as it becomes more and more a part of you!

Suggested Methods to Memorize

  • Post it in your car
  • Post it on your bathroom mirror
  • Post it by your bed
  • Sing a song to it (or find scripture cds that put verse to song)
  • Write it over and over
  • When the Lord prompts you, share it with others
  • Pray through the scripture
  • Don’t move on until you have it
  • Remember the richness of the reward of his word that you have memorized!
  • Review and have goals
  • Write in on a chalk or white board in your house and leave key words blank

Share with us what has worked for you to memorize God’s word…


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