Bible Study Tools and Preparation

Tools for Bible Study and Preparation

PRAY before studying…The Holy Spirit is our Teacher.

Bible study tool:  When studying a passage of scripture, answer these questions from the SPECKA acronym.

S in—is there a sin to avoid in the passage”

P romise—is there a promise to claim?

E xample—is there an example to follow?

C ommand—is there a command to follow?

K nowledge—is there knowledge to store up in your heart and mind?

A pplication/Action—is there an application or action to follow through with after   studying the passage?

This can be used in private or group study, and is a simple way to remember how to examine a passage.  It is very helpful to then add history and context because this greatly affects the passage’s meaning.

Another Bible study tool: 3 questions

1.  What do you learn about God’s character in this passage?

2.  Is there a warning in this passage?

3.  Is there a command in this passage?

Inductive Bible Study:  Using the Bible to study the Bible

CONTEXT IS KING!  Do not isolate passages without finding out the setting of what is going on by reading before and after it.   Find out the historical background and setting within God’s word and the culture of that day (A study Bible will help you).  Study for intended meaning and not just a devotional thought that fits your “need” at the moment.  God has a specific intent for scripture.  It is cohesive and points to Christ.

Inductive Study:

Ask the who, what, when, where, how questions of the passage.

Examples:  What does this passage tell me about God, about Jesus?

To whom was this written?

What kind of writing is it?

What was going on historically during this period?

Why did this particular group need to be addressed in this way?

Where is this taking place?  When?  Before or after ______?


A lot of times it is helpful when studying a passage to cross-reference key words that are used in similar passages to get a fuller picture of the meaning.  The Bible is the whole counsel of God and works together.

Template for Inductive study

Check this out to have questions and a template to fill in to study a passage of scripture.  Amy-Jo Giradier put this template together.

Internet Resources: This site will help you do word studies and give free resources and commentary. This site has different Bible translations that you can compare and contrast to study more fully. This site will help you explore with more depth inductive Bible study.


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