Asking Good Questions

Forming Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are those which require more than a yes, no or one-word answer.  These questions tend to probe the heart.  When you are leading a discipleship relationship, open-ended questions are key to engaging the disciple.  The following are suggestions for formulating good open-ended questions.  To begin formulating, ask these questions as you read material or passage.


  • What is the truth presented?
  • How does your life line up with the truth?  (this should not be a subjective “what do you think about the truth?”)
  • What needs to happen to respond to the truth if your life does not line up with the truth?
  • Are there underlying factors regarding your disobedience?  (This should be a question that digs to the state of the heart.)
  • What is your commitment to respond?  How can you grow in practice in the truth?



Another approach could involve asking yourself these questions and formulating appropriate questions in this vein.

  • What did I learn from this reading or passage?
  • What convicted me in this passage?
  • Is there anything that describes me in this passage/reading?  Why?



If you are having a conversation, it is good to ask questions like this to check in:

  • Tell me about your fellowship with God this week.
  • How is the state of your heart this week?
  • Where have you been challenged to be obedient this week?  How have you responded?
  • Tell me about the quality of your prayer life.
  • Where have you been convicted of sin?
  • How have you lived beyond yourself?
  • What are the areas of growth to focus on in your life?
  • What has been the hardest part of your week?
  • Where are you weary?
  • Have you felt alone in some area this week?



3 thoughts on “Asking Good Questions

  1. This is extremely helpful and encouraging! I am trying to find some ideas to use with my campers at a Christian camp this week–these ideas help me feel more confident and equipped. Thank you so much and God-bless!!

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