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Grace, Truth and Time

Cloud and Townsend use these three concepts (Grace, Truth and Time) to talk about the Disciple-making journey.  Their thought is that you cannot walk alongside someone well in change without these three working in tandem.  If you are lacking any, then healthy growth cannot occur. Let’s examine these three concepts as we look at being … Continue reading

This is not a safe journey, but oh so good!

Discipleship and disciple-making is not about the transfer of information.  It is also not merely “hanging out” and being friends.  It is a marriage of Truth and relationship.  It involves Truth that is unchanging taught in an organic, changing relationship.  This relationship is not for the faint of heart!  It is not for those who … Continue reading

Exposure is not enough…

      One of my goals is to expose people to truth…good discipleship material, gospel-oriented teaching, trusted women who know the word.  One thing I learn again and again…exposure is not enough.  Prayer that the Spirit teach the heart and mind of the person is beyond pertinent!             Last Sunday morning, I had the joy of … Continue reading

Long awaited blooms

       I love perennials.  First and foremost, I am cheap.  They do come back if you do not have a killer instinct–and sometimes even if you do!  Secondly, they gain strength with each year.  Thirdly, they multiply.         Four years ago, my mom bought plants for me for my birthday.  It was so much fun … Continue reading

Class Kick-off

Yesterday began the fall Equipping for Discipleship Class.  About 30 women of all ages gathered together to fellowship and learn more about discipleship.  It was so encouraging to see the women that God has brought together this semester.  Hearing the women share their hearts and connect afterwards was the most encouraging thing.  I will update … Continue reading


This is meant to be a lesson/study to reflect in the Word and on your life in the light of it:       Everything that we have, all good things, are from God.  He is the creator, sustainer, redeemer and life-giver.  Whether a person is a believer or not, God gives grace to them by … Continue reading


Women’s Discipleship Concepts is a ministry located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It serves women by teaching them what it means to grow in fellowship with Jesus Christ. When one comes into relationship with Jesus, everything changes, and women need help learning to navigate this new way of life. The Bible calls believers to mature in Him … Continue reading