Posted in March 2013

Learning to Study the Bible…

Can you remember the last time you learned to do some new skill?  I hate feeling inept and clumsy–especially in front of others.  No person is too old to learn new skills–it may get harder with time, but it is totally possible.  I remember when I first learned to snow ski.  Muscles that I never … Continue reading

Interpretation…what is going on?

      Most people interpret scripture poorly.  Thus, they can make the Bible fit whatever they are seeking to okay in their life.  If you take one verse alone and isolated, it is a dangerous weapon to use for your own war (pick your soap box and go for it).  However, the Bible was … Continue reading

So, how do I begin studying my Bible?

When we begin reading a book, we usually read the back cover and research about the author.  We get a recommendation that the book is worth our time.  We see the reason for the book–entertainment, information (non-fiction), transformation(diet/exercise), biography, history, science, etc.  We then read a book in light of that reason.  We do not … Continue reading

So, why do I study my Bible?

A lot of people are intimidated by studying the Bible.  In our days of instant information on google and watching a movie instead of reading a book, it feels too hard.  Also, there are a plethora of Christian books and devotionals that have already boiled it down for us, right?  So, really, why is it … Continue reading