Exposure is not enough…

      One of my goals is to expose people to truth…good discipleship material, gospel-oriented teaching, trusted women who know the word.  One thing I learn again and again…exposure is not enough.  Prayer that the Spirit teach the heart and mind of the person is beyond pertinent! 

           Last Sunday morning, I had the joy of a talking with a  woman from my class in the fall.  She reached out to me with tears in her eyes exclaiming that she was so glad that she had taken the class and been exposed to the challenge and truth of preaching the gospel to herself everyday.  She exclaimed that it had made a tremendous difference in her life in all ways.  That, my friends, is exposure and the Spirit’s work together working to bring someone to renewed knowledge and love of Christ daily. 

       Several people who have taken the class have been changed from the core–out of many who have taken the class.  Just as different women in disciple-making relationships react in different ways.  I have learned not to compare.  I have to rely in all times and in all relationships on the Spirit’s work in each person’s life.  This is hard work, but it is so worth it when I see that the Spirit has worked planting the truth and growing the truth of Him that we faithfully pour out.  He waters and grows us, and He is good.


One thought on “Exposure is not enough…

  1. Found your blog and would love to have a conversation with you. I am leading women’s ministry in Alaska and have some questions, also would love to connect. Kelly

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