Pictures from the Year

Laura, Jen, Liz and Lillie--Fall Retreat

The year is winding down at WDC, and we wanted to share some pictures of growth from throughout the year from retreats to relational times.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  We have had many hellos and goodbyes this year as young women move in and out of this ministry.  Thanks be to God for His gift in Christ.

Lillie and Liz stuck going in circles!

Karli and Jen--Disciple-making at its best!

A portion of the Fall Equipping for Discipleship Class--God did amazing things!

Laura and Karli getting girly on Fall Retreat

Lillie, Ashley, Karli and Laura on Fall Retreat

Jen, Ashley and Lillie--at the beach

A fun walk on the beach--July 09


Kate, Jen and Liz

Kate is in Nashville in school for Interior Design.  Liz is preparing to go to India to work with students at a school with opportunities to pour out Christ.

Mary Elizabeth continues to meet with Jen and pours her heart into college-aged women as she and her husband lead a College Life community group.

Jen and Tiffany at her rehearsal dinner

Tiffany is now on the coast of Mississippi alongside her husband, Chris, ministering to teenagers.

Mary Claire and Jen at Tiffany's wedding

Mary Claire is now in Colorado working for Focus on the Family Institute developing Disciple-making relationships with young women as the activities and resident director.

Kaitlin is second from the left--We began meeting after meeting at Tiffany's wedding. Kaitlin was in Tiff's sorority and in the Bible study she led. Kaitlin has also been instrumental in Spenser's (another WDC addition this year) faith walk.


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