Reflections after a year with WDC

There are many lessons I have learned in the last year.  These are some in regards to disciple-making:

  • Each woman has something unique to help the body because of the circumstances they have lived through and are living through.  Sharing those circumstances and the way God has taught and worked in them with others who are struggling is a huge part of the disciple-making process.
  • Never assume people are listening to sermons…engage and ask questions about the Bible and their lives…dig in.
  • There are not many people asking the hard questions in life that regard the heart and love for Christ.
  • Women all around are HUNGERING for true relationships that sharpen them toward Christ and are starved of places to engage in that.  We ALL need the body.
  • Believers often forget the gospel and strive to prove themselves to God.  Many believers cannot fully articulate the gospel therefore, they cannot fully live in it.  It all goes back to the gospel…one does not get “beyond” it or grow past it.
  • Women are extremely performance oriented and struggle to be dependent on the Father and believe he loves and has grace for them.
  • Understanding the gospel is the only means by which we live in worship to God–it brings thankfulness, humility, forgiveness and service toward others.
  • Do not assume someone’s heart because they serve or are involved–the foundation may be really rocky…or rather, sandy.

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