Let me see your fruit

     WDC continues to grow in many ways throughout each month.  Currently, there are 18 women involved in Equipping for Discipleship Groups and 6 young women that are participating in a One-on-One relationship with Jennifer.  Of these women involved, there are 60+ disciple-making relationships in the groups and one to one relationships they lead.  It is exciting to see God work shepherding the hearts of these women with the gospel.  Here are brief snippets of fruit from this last year…

  • One of the young women started a Bible study on campus for her former sorority
  • Women have reached out to one another through hardship…deaths, losses, child-rearing heartaches
  • Women are learning to ask good questions of themselves and others to encourage growth
  • Women of all ages making scripture memory and meditation part of their lives–seeing it transform
  • Women cleaving to, wrestling with, and celebrating the gospel everyday in their lives and eagerly sharing that with others
  • Seeing women in the community of Knoxville be excited for need of this type of ministry
  • Seeing young women reach out organically in relationships to help impart truth to friends asking questions or just beginning to walk with Christ
  • Seeing the curriculum be used to encourage deeper fellowship with Christ
  • Seeing women begin to establish regular fellowship with Christ daily in His word and prayer

To God be the glory.


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