Women’s Discipleship Concepts is a ministry located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It serves women by teaching them what it means to grow in fellowship with Jesus Christ. When one comes into relationship with Jesus, everything changes, and women need help learning to navigate this new way of life. The Bible calls believers to mature in Him instead of just staying in the elementary teachings or in the “shallow end.” There are many Christians who stay in the shallow end their whole life, and the problem is many do not know how to grow. WDC is here to help women grow by a process called discipleship. This simply means learning to follow Jesus by meeting with a woman one-on-one to study the Bible, to pray, to cling to the gospel of Christ, to learn to serve, and to learn to deal with the sin in one’s life and grow in holiness.
In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus calls his disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, baptizing them and teaching them to observe everything he taught them. We, as followers of Christ, are called to teach others how to walk in Him. Through obedience and experience learning and growing and struggling, we learn, and we are called to help those younger in their life with Christ to learn, grow and mature.
Many in the church today are not stepping up to this role because they get so involved in their own worlds. We hope to encourage women one by one to give their lives away by sharing everything they know as they mature as obedient children of God. We do not look for perfect women, but we look for women who have been transformed by Christ and who are committed to investing in others.

WDC does this in two ways. The first way is one-on-one discipleship with college-aged and young adult women in the Knoxville area. Jennifer, our director, meets with 6 to 7 young women a year weekly to teach and encourage them to grow in Truth and love, and the goal is that they might also begin a life of pouring into other young women. The second way is equipping women to pour in, teach and encourage other women in the Truth. This is accomplished in group settings as women come together, learn in His word and are equipped to lead other women in one-on-one relationships and small groups. Both of these ways are with the expressed purpose of maturing the body of Christ to then pour in and help others mature. The goal is for multiplication to occur in the body of Christ.
Our passion is the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are about sharing that. Because of the limited size and scope of Women’s Discipleship Concepts, we cannot serve everyone in Knoxville, but we hope by multiplication of leadership and training, that a bigger portion of the body is encouraged. We also hope to provide suggestions and articles to help you as you participate in the discipleship of believers. We will list books, sermons, curriculum and other resources to point people toward the transforming gospel of Christ. So, please, visit us often and hear of what God is teaching us and growing us in. We are also a non-profit organization that is supported by the public, and we need your help to serve and grow. If you are interested in helping monetarily and/or prayerfully, please email us at womensdiscipleshipconcepts@gmail.com


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