Posted in September 2008

Kick-off of Equipping for Discipleship Groups

Wednesday night and Thursday morning were the kick-offs for the ED groups. It was so encouraging to meet with women in different stages in life. One common link rings true–each woman is praying about opportunities to learn and to serve God by pouring into other’s lives. They are doing this with a little apprehension and … Continue reading


Prayer can be one of the most confusing things in the Christian life. People can pull out scripture and twist it horribly about prayer. There are some “camps” that say–pray it in faith and it is yours. This can be a problem because then the “responsibility” of all faith is on the person. So, when … Continue reading


Women’s Discipleship Concepts is a ministry located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It serves women by teaching them what it means to grow in fellowship with Jesus Christ. When one comes into relationship with Jesus, everything changes, and women need help learning to navigate this new way of life. The Bible calls believers to mature in Him … Continue reading